Rose Petal


Rose Petal is our second Gypsy Vanner mare.  She is a half-sister to Rawnie; both are by America's first Gypsy Vanner stallion, the late Cushti Bok.  Petal's dam is Gypsy Gold's Rose, a DNA confirmed daughter of The Lion King and a granddaughter of The Lob on her dam's side.  From the day she was born, I wanted her!  I purchased her full sibling in utero in 2003, since she wasn't for sale.  That foal was a colt, Perfect Storm (see sales page.)  Since I didn't need a colt that was related to Rawnie, I sold him.  These many years later (Petal is seven!) I was able to purchase Petal from Anne Crowley of Vintage Vanners.  I am thrilled!  Rawnie and Petal are the only two horses I have ever felt like I "had to have" and they are both home with me now!

Petal is homozygous for tobiano and black so her foals will always be black-based pinto.  On April 18, 2017, Petal had a gorgeous black and white filly by BB King!  Petal has had seven foals total, five fillies and two colts.  See her babies here!


Rose Petal, 2002 Gypsy Vanner Horse mare
Petal at 9 years in 2012. 


Petal at 9 years in 2012.

Rose Petal and daughters, Gypsy Vanner Horse mares
Rose Petal at 12 years old with three of her daughters -
7 week old Winnie, 2 year old Moonflower and 3 year old Morning Glory.


DOB: 8/17/2002
Pedigree: click here
# of Foals as of 2017: 7
Training: green broke to ride English


Photo Gallery:

Petal and 2012 filly Morning Glory
Petal (center) with daughters Glory and Moonflower
William's Moonflower, 2013 Gypsy Vanner Horse filly
Petal & 2013 daughter Moonflower

Petal & 2015 daughter Winnie







Petal & 2008 colt Mayacaymus

Petal & 2006 filly Dolce 

dam Rose & yearling Petal


Baby Petal!



Petal's Family

      Cushti Bok, Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion in FL 
Cushti Bok's Perfect Storm, 2004
Petal's full brother
Cushti Bok's Islamarada, 2004
Petal's full brother
Gypsy Gold's Rose
Petal's dam
Cushti Bok
Petal's sire
  The Old Horse, Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion    
The Lion King
Rose's sire
The Old Horse of Wales
Cushti Bok's sire
The Lob Eared Horse
Rose's maternal grandsire

Top twelve photos of Petal are copyright Mark J. Barrett,  Photos of Rose and Cushti Bok are also copyright Mark J. Barrett.

Photos of The Lion King and The Lob are copyright BFSGH.


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