MMV Petal's Sunsprite Rose
GVHS # Pending


Say hello to Sunny!  Sunny is our first repeat breeding.  She is a full sister to our mare Morning Glory, who was the three year old National Reserve Champion mare.  Sunny weighed in at 700 lbs and 13.3 hh at 15 months old.  We are very excited to continue to watch her as she matures. Sunny is heterozygous tobiano and homozygous black.  She is super smart and very inquisitive, much like her sister Glory.  Sunny is up to date on shots, farrier, Coggins, and deworming.  She also has down all the yearling basics - she halters, leads, loads in a trailer, stands for the farrier and for fly spray, doesn't mind the clippers at all, and has been ponied off another horse.  Sunny is a wonderful, smart, athletic filly and we know she will be a great asset to any show or breeding home!  Sunny is for sale.


Sunny at 15 months old.


Sunny at  11 months

Sunny's beautiful blue eye at 15 months old.


DOB: 4/18/17
Pedigree: click here
Training: Baby Basics

Photo Gallery as yearling



Photo Gallery newborn - 5 months

Sunny, Gypsy Vanner Horse filly


Sunny's Family

      Cushti Bok, Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion in FL 
Rose Petal Sunny's dam BB King, Sunny's sire Gypsy Gold's Rose
Petal's dam
Cushti Bok
Petal's sire
The Gypsy King, BB King's sire  Shampoo Girl, BB King's dam  The Walking Bank, The Gypsy King's dam  The Lion King
Rose's sire
The Old Horse, Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion   The King's Morning Glory, 2012 Gypsy Vanner Horse filly  VV Mayacaymus, 2008 Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion 
The Old Horse of Wales
Cushti Bok's sire
The Lob Eared Horse
Rose's maternal grandsire
The King's Morning Glory, Sunny's full sister VV Mayacaymus, Glory 2/3 brother (same dam, sires are maternal half-brothers) 

Photos of Petal, BB King, Rose Cushti Bok, The Gypsy King, Shampoo Girl, Morning Glory and Caymus are copyright Mark J. Barrett,

Photos of The Lion King and The Lob are copyright BFSGH.


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